Connection error #103


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I am a new user of eMail Verifier. The test of my first mailingList results in over 50% [Erreur #103]. Some emails with domain names figuring in the Rules give a result like [Valide(Rnn)] meaning the adress has not been checked. Right ?
If I add the domains of the emails with result [Erreur #103] i.e.,, and so on, the emails will result in [Valide(Rnn)] and will not be checked. Right ?

How can I reduce the [Erreur #103] in a satisfying way ?

Thank you


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The rules are to set the result without a real checking, they are used for servers that will never tell you if an address is good or not. About your error can you test 'support @ maxprog . com' without quotes and spaces. Do you get an error?