Completely Remove Settings


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Mac OSX Mavericks
Email Bounce Handler 3.8.6 (Registered)

How can I completely remove all email bounce handler settings? As you can see from the screenshot I seem to have loads of saved accounts which are identical (and wrong).

Everytime I open email Bounce Handler the settings are wrong so I change them and hit 'save' but then I close it down and open it up again and the old settings are there again. I would like to start again from scratch.

I deleted the program from my applications folder and restarted then re-installed it but magically the settings were still there!


1) Have you tried to delete the EBH document? Not sure if creating a new one will show same problem. If that doesn't work how about

2) deleting preference file for EBH


and if on a mac with newer operating system, don't forget to hold down the Option key to access the Library form the "Go" menu