Changing Time Zones?


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Sorry to start a new thread for a minor question, but I didn't see this mentioned in the Help document, or mentioned before on here.

When I had sent an e-mailer out, a friend who's on the list e-mailed me, saying everything was fine with the e-mail he got, but the time of delivery was an hour later. So he received the e-mail at 10:30am according to his Inbox, but the e-mail itself says it was received at 11:30am. I've since checked, and all my e-mails I've received via the Bulk Mailer (test mails, delivery reports, etc) are ALL dated one hour later than when they were received.

Is there somewhere I can go within the program that I can change the timezone, or is this something beyond the program (like a server setting or something) or am I out of luck? (I've checked other e-mails from various other recipients and they are all dated properly, only the MaxBulk e-mails are off).

Please advise. Thanks.


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You have to use current 4.4.4 Once v4 subversion has that problem but it was corrected.