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Change location of output files


New Member
"By default eMail Extractor creates an output file with all extracted e-mails on the same folder as the original file..."

I want to be able to designate the destination of the output files (Good, Bad, Duplicate). How do I do that?



Staff member
It is simple. Open eMail Extractor preferences and check the 'Merge results when several files selected' box. That way, each time you drop files to eMail Extractor you will be asked where result files have to be saved.


New Member
I would like to be able to pick the location I store the files as a default and not have to choose each time. For instance I have two machines that I want to use the extractor from but I want both machines to import into the same output file. I want the output file stored on our server which is shared and backed up hourly.

Is this possible?


Staff member
I take note of you request. Note that nobody has asked for that so far, reason why it has never been added.