cfm, php, ... can't get any of them to work


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i bought the dumper tool but i yet have to get it to work on any site i need it for. I mean, if all this tool does is dump strictly flat html sites, then why would i not just FTP in and get the site?

the latest site i need it for is a cfm site. instead of saving ea page as a unique page, it keeps overwriting the same doc. In the end, like with the php site two weeks ago, i end up having to manually do what i thought your tool ought to do.

if i can view these pages online, not sure why you can't follow them, rename and make it work.

back to doing this manually i guess....


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Web Dumper rebuild the site locally using the same names. Do you mean the site is outputting always the same name? On the preferences, 'Download' panel, have you tried to select 'retrieve and rename'?


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i tried that before posting msgs here. I was unable and still cannot get your tool to work except for those sites where i can just FTP in and copy the flat files.

i assume you did not actually try this domain for yourself.

The nav includes links to: ... iclenbr=23 ... iclenbr=21

When the site is done scraping, none of these links work. It seems to keep overwriting the displaycommon.cfm and everything that follows the file name (eg "?an=1&subarticlenbr=xx") is discarded.

Whether i turn on the renaming or not seems to have no bearing on that which is scraped. Nothing works...