Can't set up rules

Fran Sciacca

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I am having difficulty setting up Rules as well as Importing bank statements. I've downloaded account activity from my bank as an Excel (csv) file and tried Importing directly in that format. I keep getting a "Null" response for any amounts in either the debit or credit column. When I export the file in Excel to "Macintosh Formatted txt" or "Tab delimited Text" or MS-DOS Formatted Text," I get the same results until I remove the "$" sign and put a "-" in front of all the debits. Then it accepts the amounts, but will NOT allow me to set any rules. It only gives me the "Record ready to be added using default data" (see screenshots). I've tried creating several Rules, but none will work.

I love the program and am getting more and more used to it. But...I have tried everything, and I cannot use the Import feature in the way I really need it. I'm on a MBPro - Mojave (10.14.6) and am running iCash 7.8.4-US (15) 64bit. Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.30.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.30.30 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.33.50 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-08-23 at 3.34.06 PM.png


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Indeed numbers have to be unformatted (better with no thousand separators) and without currency signs.
Then make sure you are lining-up fields properly in the 'Data' panel. I can't see any field properly lined up in any of your screenshots. You will find a tutorial on importing a bank statement here: How to import transactions from a Bank statement