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cannot import plain text file


New Member
Computer: Macintosh PowerPC G4 OS X 10.4.8
Software Version: 3.3.5-US (purchased & registered)

I am unable to import any text file; only the first address appears in the list. I've read the other similar posts, and have hopefully anticipated your first questions:

The files are certainly plain text. I've tried saving ".txt" files using TextEdit, Word, and Excel. I've even tried creating a list of two email addresses in TextEdit & saving as plain text; the program ignores the 2nd address.

I've made certain the files were tab-delimited as instructed, but also tried commas & semicolons... no difference.

I've tried importing through the menu as well as dragging & dropping... no difference.

For what it's worth, your software does seem to successfully test the one email, and I've confirmed that port 25 is not blocked using Terminal and telnet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
- FM