Can I drag and drop multiple URL addresses at once?


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Hello - I have a LONG list of URL addresses that I would like the extractor to crawl and extract email address. However, it only seems to crawl the first one on the list. Can this software process multiple URL addresses at once? Or do I have to drag them over one at a time?

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I believe so but be aware that eMail Extractor only process the page you drop the URL of, it will not follow links, it only process the text of the page like if you were copying and pasting it to eMail Extractor.


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I understand that it will not follow the links on the page. Because of this, I have extracted each of the links on a specific page that links to another page where the email I want is located. I have these URLs in a word doc as a very long list.

Unfortunately, if I copy/paste my list of URLs, the software interprets it as text and returns nothing. If I drag and drop the lists of URLs, it only processes the first URL on the list. What this forces me to do is drag and drop each URL separately. I would like to drag/copy the list of URL addresses and have Email Extractor process each one.

Is there any way to help the software recognize that this is a list of multiple URLS and to process each one?