BUG found - need fix !!


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Hello, programmers!

A BUG founded in program in version Pro 8.2.1-RU:

BUG founded with mail.ru, maybe present in others.


If i make plain-text message without file - it work correct!

If i try to insert file OR add html version of mail (offcourse with change to plain-text and HTML), the program generate some strange lines in mail body after headers and between content, wich fall down mail program on mail.ru and peoples receive only header without body(empty mail)

You can see here, after header some missing string was broken by server and no body and attachment.

If need addition information or screenshots, please ask me.

Need to fix it!



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That line is not added by MaxBulk Mailer :-/

MaxBulk Mailer adds:

Content-transfer encoding

All the other headers are added by your server. You server has probably an anti-virus, perhaps that anti-virus has detected something in the attachments, perhaps we have here a false positive. Have you tried with a zip file, a picture?


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No, This bug is present if no attachment, but used plaintext+html

only correct mail delivered in sending only plaintext without attachments or html without attachmets

in cases:
plaintext + attachments
html + attachments
plaintext + html with or without attachments

the delivery broken and people receive empty mail.

in other mail servers as gmail.com, yandex.ru, hotmail.com, and some others i see this strings, but without broke

only in mail.ru i see this bug.

But today i try to send same mail with ePochta mail program with same settings and attachments.
And it work correctly!

So bug in program!

Please try to correct it.


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I am sorry but MaxBulk Mailer doesn't send that string (sorry to insist). I don't even know what that string means. Is it possible you have pasted text from other program with invisible control characters? I have hundreds of customers in Russia and none of them have reported such issue. I also made tests here with several Russian documents and I don't see that string either.


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Dear, Stanbusk!

This is not BUG in Russian fonts!

I make tests with english letters only, and use codepage utf-8

So this BUG is on mail.ru

All servers make generation this strings, but only mail.ru drop this string in middle.

See here in same picture delivery to @mail.ru and @gmail.com

Here you can see the broken string.

I tried to send on 2 OS with different versions of sendmail (FreeBSD and Fedora 11)

And have same problem.

So, i repeat, I tried some other mail programs with same text in mail and i receive all correct on all mailboxes.

Please do not freese this BUG!

Your program is very good, and i want use this, but i have Mac and you only have a version on Mac Os.

If you need, i can register 2 mailboxes and send you passwords for test this.
And also project .mlm


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Yes, you can do that because I have absolutely no idea what that string is. MaxBulk Mailer only sends what you write in the message field, as is.