Behaviour of ENTER key



I upgraded from 7.5.3 to 7.5.7 recently, and I've just noticed that the behaviour of the ENTER key on entering transactions is different.

When I have filled in enough details in my transaction (usually when I'd finished typing the Comment field), I press Enter. This used to do the DEFAULT action - which is to ADD the transaction (the Add button is shown in a different colour, with a blue outline, showing that it is the default action).

However, now it just clears out my Comment field instead (if my cursor is still in the Comment field), and does not add the transaction.

It works from some fields - eg I just tried tabbing to the Taxes field, and pressing Enter there, and it did add the transaction. But from some other fields (eg Comment, Project), it does not add the transaction.



Staff member
I recommend to read the following page: adding transactions to iCash because some things have changed. We are also about to release v7.5.8 this week. That version fixes a lot of little issues related to entering transactions.
Me sucede exactamente lo mismo: Al añadir nuevas transacciones, tras rellenar el campo "Comentario" si se pulsa ENTER desde aquí, en lugar de añadirse la transacción se limpia el campo. Sin embargo, pulsar ENTER desde otros campos si que añade la transacción, que es el comportamiento esperado. ¿Podría revisarlo?. Estoy hablando de la versión 7.5.8.