application stops downloading and processing emails

OK, for some time now (but I don't recall what changes I might have made in the system at that time to cause this problem, except updating the software to the latest version), the software will connect and start downloading and processing emails just fine. However, at some stage, it will simply stop doing so and get stuck at some message X, with the screen displaying the message "Getting message X of Y". If X=84, then the log file will be something like this:

83 FETCH (FLAGS (\Seen $NotJunk NotJunk) RFC822 {1956}
4/5 11:52:58 ~ Mail Subject: 'Your message dated Sun, 16 Mar 2014 13:55:24 +0200 with...'
4/5 11:52:58 ~ Applying rules to "Your message dated Sun, 16 Mar 2014 13:55:24 +0200 with..."
4/5 11:52:58 ~ No bounce found.
4/5 11:52:58 ~ Status: Messages downloaded = 83 of 1233
4/5 11:52:58 > A0113 FETCH 84 RFC822

What I have to do now, is press the stop button and then the start button again. This may have to be done a number of times (depending on the number of emails in the mailbox), in order to process all the emails. Note also that sometimes, after finishing the first cycle of processing, a number of emails is left untouched and these will have to be processed in a second round (again with pressing the stop and start buttons from time to time).

I use the software on a Mac running 10.9.2, I use the latest version of eMail Bounce Handler and the settings are IMAP, Security=None, Check Mailbox every 1 minute, Download 100 bounces/connection, and the 'remove bounces from server' and 'mark addresses with more than (10) bounces' options are ticked. By the way, I changed the 'check mailbox every X minutes' to a larger value than 1, just in case there is some interference, but the problem persists.

Thanks for any help!


Staff member
Try to deactivate App Nap. It is an option when on the Finder you get information about the software.