Apple Adressbook / import / tags

Susanna Tobler

New Member

Is it possible to predefine in Apple's Adressbook the tags I need in MaxBulk Mailer Pro (e.g. Opt1=sex, Opt2=contact etc.) and import their contents into MBM? I'am not happy about having to fill in manually all the options tags every time I create and import a new group.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Susanna Tobler


Staff member
It is not possible right now but I will consider your message as a feature request.

Susanna Tobler

New Member
Thank you very much for your answer - so I can immediately stop trying 'something and everything', hacks, workarounds ... It would be great, indeed, if you could include this option and enhance MBM's already very helpfull features.

Have a nice evening