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anyone teach me how to edit the script?


New Member

// -- Access data & Notifications ----------------------------------------------

$admin_id = "admin"; // Your administrator ID
$admin_password = "admin"; // Your administrator password

// -- Default settings ---------------------------------------------------------

$defaults_language = "en"; // Default language en = English, fr = French, de = German, es = Spanish, it = Italian, nl = Dutch

// -- Your email address, name and web address ---------------------------------

$admin_err_addr = "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS"; // The address where internal error notifications has to be sent
$admin_address = "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS"; // The administrator email address
$admin_name_full = "YOUR_COMPANY_NAME"; // Your name or you company/organization name
$admin_name_short = "YOUR_COMPANY_NAME"; // Short version of you name or you company/organization name
$admin_webAddress = "YOUR_WEBSITE_ADDRESS"; // Your web site address (http://www.mysite.com)

// -- Storage Type -------------------------------------------------------------

$use_mysql = 0; // 0 = Raw Text files 1 = mySQL Database

// -- mySQL List/Stats Handling Settings ---------------------------------------
// Set the following parameters if you have selected to use mySQL above

$dbhost = 'MYSQL_SERVER_ADDRESS'; // mySQL Host Name
$dbusername = 'USER_ID'; // mySQL User Name (For Full access!!)
$dbuserpass = 'PASSWORD'; // mySQL User Password (For Full access!!)
$dbname = 'DATABASE_NAME'; // mySQL Database Name




You're supposed to change the values between the "". For example:

$admin_id = "admin"; // Your administrator ID
$admin_password = "admin"; // Your administrator password

$admin_id = "my_username"; // Your administrator ID
$admin_password = "myPassword1234"; // Your administrator password
And so on.

The text with the $ are the PHP variable names and should not change. The text on the right of the // are PHP comments to help you know what the variables are for.

Hope that helps.