Annoying questions asked when creating an account...


Staff member
We are really sorry about the questions asked in order to open a forum account here. We fully agree they are annoying but did you ask yourself about why we did that? Why we spent time looking for such stupid questions? I will answer you right away, spam, forum spam, massive forum spam attacks... Do you imagine when you come back to the office on Monday with a lot of constructive things to do but you find your company forums hacked and flooded with junk, thousands of entries everywhere, sometimes crashed or with a damaged database? and you have to spend all day fixing that mess?

Well, thanks to those silly questions this forum is clean of spam and usable once you manage to register :D. Internet robots (bots) are more and more clever, you have to be even clever than they are... after a research and experiments we found those questions the best way to stop the problem for good.