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After 3.8.5 update, can't connect.


I updated to the just released 3.8.5 update of EBH.

When I launch program and click the Start button, the message below that button stays on "Looking for mail.levinphotography.com"

Relaunch did not help.



I just deleted the application (as well as the one in the "Goodies" folder in MBM.

I restarted computer, re-downloaded 3.8.5 app, and still not connecting. Settings all the same.

I'm on OS 10.8.5 still

Any ideas?
It's the same for me, with 3.8.5-es, in a windows7: looking for servername.com...
I have check: save log connection in a file, but I don't know where it is -Maybe it doesn't save, because can't connect first...?-
Thanks in advance.


Hi Stan,

Can't get a connection log since it is not connecting. I am looking in the Log tab of EBH and "Output Connection log" to file is checked, but nothing in the black window below.

Somewhere else maybe?

Thanks for your response.



New Member
Also same here after update, status message like "connect to..." and no log will be written...:-(

Perhaps its possible to download the old version ?

thx in advance

Guys, I am having the very same problem, and I use the latest version on a Mac running OS X 10.9. Can we please have access to the previous version? I deleted it during the upgrade. :-(


New Member
Me too, previous version ok for non-secure connections but hangs on secure connections, this version just hangs on all connections without displaying anything in connection log.
Getting the previous version?

If you don't fix it quickly, can we please have access to the previous version?
Thanks in advance.