Accidental Deletion!


New Member
Hi! I am a new user and just a little worried that when I deleted a test account document I just had to highlight the document and press delete! The whole thing went. (all catagories, accounts, transactions - everything). If I want to delete individual transactions then there are safeguards but to delete the entire document it was frighteningly simple.

Is there a safeguard to stop this happening? Will it help if I put a password on the document? Does the program automatically backup?

Thanks for any help


Staff member
I guess you mean you delete a document name from the 'Recent Documents' window, don't you? In that case you should not worry because only the line is deleted, not the document. The document remains where you created it. Just open it back to get the line reappear. Right now, the only way to delete an iCash document is, like a Word doc. or an Excel sheet, to throw it to your computer trash and empty it.