about 50% wrong detection of email verifier


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i have checked a list of 500 email adresses and the email verifier tested them als valid or probably valid. after i have send an email at that adresses abou 50% of them where bounced.
that's to much for an validation program!

Then i checked some "valid" emails manually with mailtester.com an lets see -> invalid :/

why does the email verifier is working so bad?
greetz :?


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eMail Verifier is extremely cautious when it comes to mark an address as bad. It will do if it is 100% sure of it.

When I developed the software I did it for me actually and I did not want the software to mark possible good address as bad. Many tools will mark an address as bad if you are blacklisted. eMail Verifier will not. Usually eMail Verifier will mark such addresses as 'Likely valid'. You are free to ignore this and take care only of fully validated emails.


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stanbusk said:
Do you have an example? Can you send me the connection log of such testing?
Sorry I was away and just got back.

I can send you a list of the emails that I know are good
but verified as bad. About 36 of them.

How do I send the list to your private email box?

Is support[at]maxprog.com OK?



I believe Stan means the connection log, not just the list of emails.

And yes, support #at# maxprog #dot# com is fine.