85% No Response

Paul Cooper

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Just purchased this program and when I try and verify a list of 12,000 email addresses, 85% are coming up as 'No response' and Unable to Test. I have opened port 25 in our router and confirmed this with PFPortChecker. I have also confirmed that port 25 is not being blocked by using Telnet. The console errors are mostly "Non-existent domain".

If I try other single known good email address but I get the same result.

Looking at the passed list, I see that it is mainly made up of aol.com, compuserve.com, hotmail.com, msn.com & yahoo.com domains. Being that the majority of our customer base is in the UK and EU, there was no companyname.co.uk emails or even any from the larger uk email providers such as btinternet.com

Hope you can advise where I am going wrong.

Paul Cooper

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That has certainly helped, the number untested has dropped to 9%. Not sure the percentages are worked out correctly from 11,994 emails as I get:
Valid: 10,780 95.29%
Bad: 195 1.72%
Test Unsuccessful 1019 9.01%

I will run a check again just on the unsuccessful results.