6.5 Crashes


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I have installed 6.5 a couple of times with fresh downloads. I have followed the directions on the trouble shooting page including removing preference files, running Disk Utility to repair the disk and permissions, downloading a fresh version, etc. My system is still 10.4.11 since I have an old G4, but with all the system updates. I have Adobe Creative Suite installed plus BBEdit and Micro$oft Office plus a few other standard apps. I do have a lot of fonts installed.

My problem is with 6.5 if I open a new document or an existing document and start doing normal things like typing in the window or going to a pull down menu, MaxBulk Mailer crashes.

I have been reloading 6.4 and all is well.


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v6.5 had a problem with PPC computers indeed but we fixed it two weeks ago and we uploaded the fixed version to our server. All the customers that reported the problem told me that this new version was working well. Perhaps you are downloading the same old version again and agin from some cache. Try to download 6.5 with a different browser.