2 main suggestions


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I would be absolutely happy if these two features would be available :

1/ Create one software by mixing maxbulkmailer and Email bounce handler , so that the negative responses automaticcaly uncheck the bad addresses for the next mails ! I know your FAQ says it works manually, but then I have to learn 2 software ! And does it it works in all conditions ? And so and so : much better if it is integrated !...

2/ In maxbulk mailer, offer the possibility of a sync between the adress book ( I have mac os x 10.4.11) and one of the recipient list (sync both way please ! ) : the sync pb are allways a big big burden, it would help so much to have it integrated !

Big thanks !


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#1 That would be a big error. We made it as a separate application because it far more effective that way.

#2 We only offer Address Book to MaxBulk Mailer list import. What you ask is not feasible because of the very different nature of the two applications and the two lists.