• Next Maxprog online event is scheduled to go live soon!

    You can attend the event here: live.maxprog.com
    You can already ask questions on the very same page.

    You can also add the event to your calendar by clicking on Add to Calendar
    or click on the YouTube button to subscribe to our channel.
  • Customer ideas and suggestions are our fuel!

    To allow you to submit feature requests hassle-free we just created a Feature Request page.
    You can access it here: feedback.maxprog.com/

    That page gives you access to all the feature requests that have been submitted so far, and,
    + You can upvote feature requests
    + You can subscribe to feature requests
    + You can check a feature request status


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    Update of icash not possible: "image not recognized"

    I just started the update of icash by downloading the icash.dmg file to my desktop. On doubleclicking it to install the software I get the message "image nicht erkannt" (image not recognized). Is there an error in the downloaded file and will you correct it soon or have I done something wrong? (...