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    When you import files into iCash you should get an window where you tell iCash which column of your CSV corresponds to what. See the first image in this post: ... gdata.html
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    MaxBulk Mailer is always inactif

    Hi, Does he get any sort of error message? What SMTP server is he using? Best, Wes
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    Unsub tag won't work

    Glad you could sort it out :)
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    Comcast problems again

    Great! Perhaps Comcast's server was accepting the emails but discarded them later on.
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    No emails are extracted although the file contains many

    Sorry, didn't notice the sample… That doesn't look like CSV to me, it looks like an SQL export file. Are you able to convert that into CSV and try again? Best, Wes
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    Hi, What happened exactly when you tried to import the CSV file? Were you able to select the CSV file but nothing was imported into iCash? The secret to importing transactions into iCash is to properly map each column in the import window. Best, Wes
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    Comcast problems again

    It's possible that some get marked as spam but it is highly unlikely that every email you sent did. Did you send many? Have you checked the connection log for any strange message? Best, Wes
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    No emails are extracted although the file contains many

    Hi, That's strange. How are the files formatted? Can you send us a small sample using our ticket system? Thanks, Wes
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    Unhandled Response

    It seems MobileMe has changed something in their authentication system lately. However, I got it to work changing the Authentication method to ESMTP-Plain. Cheers, Wes
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    Error 64

    Hi, Are you sending a web page? If so what URL are you using?
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    ? re email address hyperlink and photo to email

    Hi Mary, To hyperlink an email address the URL should look like this: If you're using HTML format then it's: <a href="">email me</a> To add pictures use Message > Insert Graphic… menu item.
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    How Can Include Names

    Hi, What format is the file you need to extract from?
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    I get error #103 in the delivery

    Hi, Since it's working fine on other networks but not your own, my guess is your router is causing the problem. Maybe try opening ports 25, 465 and 587 and see if that fixes it. Best, Wes
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    Have I mentioned how much I love iCash?

    Thanks for the kind words Mark! Much appreciated :)
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    copy of email in sent folder

    Hi Stephen, I don't believe you can have the sent emails in the Sent mailbox. Why is it that you want that? Wes