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    Max Bulk and FileMaker8

    I haved tried importing my addressed from the example of filemaker given in the Max Bulk folder where there is a botton called "add to Max BulkMailer" and it's works. But now, I'm trying to insert this botton directly in my filemaker database. I have imported the botton with no problems. But...
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    Get an invoice when buying MaxBulkMailer

    Is an invoiced received when you buy MaxBulkMailer? I need to know it before buying it! It's urgent! Thanks.
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    insert signature

    I've got it! I move my signature in html to the message window and then I have tried to write inside and it works! I think, we are going to buy MaxBulk Mailer. Thanks.javascript:emoticon(':lol:')
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    insert signature

    I'm just starting with MaxBulkMailer and I need to insert the signature of the company but I don't know why. It's in html and it's created to write in the central part of it. How can I do it? Thanksjavascript:emoticon(':shock:')