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    Network Preferences (Proxy)

    Hi. I still keep on getting an error when I input custom proxy's. Web Dumper is working perfectly but won't work when I input a proxy. I attached an image of the preferences window. Is there any settings I could change that might make it "Dump" with the Proxy I'm trying to use. Thanks. Eric
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    Network Proxy Settings

    I'm inputting a standard HTTP Proxy and nothing happens. Can I see the error description anywhere? How can I make an HTTP Proxy work with Web Dumper?
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    Network Proxy Settings

    Hi, Web Dumper won't work if I input a custom proxy. It downloads 2 files and then it completes. There is a yellow exclamation sign to the left of the address. When I try to download files with my regular IP/Proxy it works just fine. How do I make this program work with a custom Network Proxy...
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    2 Questions

    First of all, I'd like to say again that Maxprog is a great company of innovation. Question #1 Title: Extract Emails from Yellow Pages or Manta websites. I've tried every possible way to extract emails from the Yellow Pages and Manta websites. With Yellow Pages I can get maybe 20 emails but...
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    MaxBulk Mailer

    Hi, what SMTP Server does MaxBulk use? I've been trying to come up with an effective way to not only manage email lists but send them out effectively. I don't want to keep on using Gmail's SMTP's, so is there a better server that can help me send over 1,000 emails at once. Can MaxBulk help...
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    How do I delete both duplicate emails?

    Ok, I'll purchase MaxBulk Mailer right away. Thank you!
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    How do I delete both duplicate emails?

    Maxprog is an amazing company! I have bought Email Extractor and it's incredible. Anyways, I have a detailed function I'm trying to accomplish and I know someone here has the solution... Objective: Send an email only ONE time to emails that I have gathered and keep on gathering over time. I...