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    hangs after first idle

    Every time I try and send an email, the first group of 60 goes out fine then MBM counts down 4 minutes and then displays "Next Delivery in 00:00:01" and then it does nothing. If I click stop and then click start again the next group of 60 goes out and then hangs again after the 4 minute...
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    Connection to smtp server stalls after sending data.

    I sent mail fine about a month ago from my server, but now it hangs on the first address every time. Here is the connection log... [01] 8/3 10:02:53 ~ Opening connection for delivery... [01] 8/3 10:02:53 ~ Connecting to Port:25 [01] 8/3 10:02:53 ~ Connected [01] 8/3...