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    connection dropped by server

    ok, now it works! In my SMTP server access settings, security wasn't in TLS v1 Exp. Now I've changed it and it works!
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    connection dropped by server

    Hello, I'm sending an email to 5000 adresses from a gmail adress. the first delivery of 5 adresses is sended correctly, but after the time interval when starting to send to the second delivery, it sais: "your message has not been delivered to all intended recipients since one or more connections...
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    export recipients

    Hello, I'll erase my hard disk and reinstall everything. there is a simple way to export all my recipients list so that when I reinstall maxbulk mailer everything is like before? I use 8.4.6 MBM mac version. thank you!
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    error 22

    hello, I just bought eMail Bounce Handler, and when I run it I get "error 22". I had the same with eMail Verifier and they told me it was about port 25. Is that the same? How it is possible that Mail program from Mac can reach my mail account and not EBH? It's possible to fix the problem? In...
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    how to know who hasn't opened your email

    Hello, I have send an email to 2000 adresses. when I go to statistics, it sais 500 has opened it. But is there an easy way to know who hasn't opened it? thanks!
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    statistics update error

    Hello, i've installed MLM and everything is ok. In the statistics window, I select the delivery and then, it says "next update in 1:00". if nobody opened my mail, the actions list is empty, after one minute the uptdate works ok. BUT from the moment somebody opens the mail, and it is shown in...