Feature Request: Headers in Settings


New Member
I have 5 clients for whom I send out emailings.

Each of these clients has a different "Errors-To" and "List-Unsubscribe" headers. That is, I have separate email addresses for these for each client.

This means that for each client's emailing, I have to go into Preferences and change these headers. Manually. Every time. Today I am particularly frustrated as I sending out two emailings for two clients. This means changing the headers for the first test. Then changing for the second. Then changing for the first emaiing and then again for the second. Painful.

What I want.

Headers to be part of Settings (along with SMTP host, etc.).


P.S. No hurry, but this afternoon would be nice.


Staff member
I got this request several times so far and it will likely be part of v5 new features or some of the v5 subversions features.

In the meantime you can handle that switching between preference files. You can have as many preference file as you need, MaxBulk will only use the one named 'Preferences'. So you can have Customer_x pref file labeled Preferences_Customer_X and rename it to 'Preferences' and launch MaxBulk.