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    Reports printing

    Having been through the reports but all of them show details on screen but when sent to a printer just get the header and footer. Peter
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    Account balances not displaying.

    I have scrolled back over all months that I have transaction in, I have just updated to 7.5.5 so will see if this has been changed.
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    Account balances not displaying.

    If you select a quarter or whole year then the balances do show so why not monthly.
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    Account balances not displaying.

    When you do an overview you get a list of all the accounts, the Reconciled and Balance figures show on all accounts when listed, but not when a month is selected. I have entered several transaction on to an account, you go and select the account the month and year under the transaction tab you...
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    Update to 7.5.4 from 7.5.3

    Being a new user I have had an update request and have run the update download and installed, but the version number on the software is still showing 7.5.3, wonder why. Checking the file details and there is no version, shows as 0.0.0, but 7.5.3 does show the version number in the file details.