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Recent content by jeffkennedy

  1. J

    Imbedded images in HTML email

    Last gasp on the subject... Dreamweaver has a regex engine. The following search and replace on the html source do the trick: Search: src="[\w/.%\-]*/([\w%-]*.\w*)" Replace: src="$1" This leaves you with html that is ready for MaxBulk...all you've gotta do after that is include the...
  2. J

    Imbedded images in HTML email

    Great... Thanks for the confirmation, Stan. Hmmm... Possible to create a macro of some sort that would take as input html meant to be posted on the web and spit out html suitable for emailing? Thanks again! -JK
  3. J

    Imbedded images in HTML email

    Problem is, the images live on a secure corporate network that may not be accessible to the email reader at the time they read their email. So images will be included as attachments in the email. I understand the URL in that case can't have anything but the filename and extension. I saw that...
  4. J

    Imbedded images in HTML email

    Set-up: I'm publishing an HTML page both as a website and as an email. I understand the IMG SRC tags need to look different for the two applications. As an email, the IMG SRC needs to be only the name of the file attached to the email. As a website, the IMG SRC needs to resolve to the...