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    What a lousy software...

    Just a test delivery (3 addresses) and it's been happening the following situation: 4/25 16:24:55 ~ with ID <> [01] 4/25 16:24:55 ~ To [00] 4/25 16:24:55 ~ Sending attachment "box-bg-8.jpg" [00] 4/25 16:24:55...
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    eMail Verifier stops the verification

    Thank you! Sending the print screen
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    eMail Verifier stops the verification

    Yes I am. Version 3.7 Just downloaded it from your own website. Could you please help? I'd appreciate a lot since it is going to help me a big deal with my new professional project. Got a 2yo kid and this brought me the need to diversify my income (lots of extra work!). I've decided to improve...
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    eMail Verifier stops the verification

    Dear all, I just bought e-mail verifier. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but after it starts to verify a CSV file with 548 contacts, it stops at some point and keeps saying that it is "verifying list". It was stopped at the same stage the whole night. Can you help?