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    I noticed there is a Wordpress MLM plugin. Is there a way to integrate Max Bulk Mailer with Wordpress? I have a Wordpress BuddyPress site that sends our email to between 7, 0000 and 8,000 people in a day, and quite a lot are getting blocked. If the emails could be paced and have tabs as in Max...
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    Deliveries not following the schedule

    I have realized that I can shorten the time period fro 24 hours to 10 minutes or some other short period. What I don't understand is that when I had the settings for 24 hours, it said 41 deliveries per hour. Perhaps I am missing something or was doing something wrong.
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    Deliveries not following the schedule

    I have managed to set up my first newsletter, and it is starting to go out, but it is not following the schedule. Messages are going out singly one straight after the other, when the settings are for them to be sent out at the rate of 41 per hour. What am I doing wrong? I am attaching a screen...
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    Preview blank

    This problem is now solved. MY HTML wasn't correct.
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    Preview blank

    I am using the software for the first time and just downloaded the latest version. I pasted HTML into the message section, but none of it appears on the preview page. I must be making a mistake with something very basic, but can't work out what it is. I am attaching a screen shot. I also posted...