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MaxBulk Mailer | Frequently Asked Questions

MaxBulk Mailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

Frequent connection drops

There are several explanations for frequent connection drops:

• Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may have placed some kind of delivery threshold to your account thus when you reach the limit the connection between MaxBulk Mailer and the server get closed by the latter. You have to contact your ISP to find out what those limitations are and set MaxBulk Mailer Group and Interval settings accordingly.

• Your ISP doesn't support multiple simultaneous connections. It is true that MaxBulk Mailer supports multiple simultaneous SMTP connections and SMTP servers use to support that feature as well but sometimes due to a temporary overload the server can drop connections or simply allows one connection only at a time per user. Multiple connections work fine most of the time though however if you run into this issue too often reduce the connections amount to 3, 2 or even 1. Perhaps your server never allows more than one stream at a time, so try setting the connection to 1. It will go slower though.

In all the situations above, once MaxBulk Mailer has finished sending but delivery report shows there are undelivered recipients left or the connection has been dropped by the server, just press the Send button again, MaxBulk Mailer will then send all remaining e-mails discarding the ones that have been already sent. You can press the Send button as many times as you wish. The delivery report always shows you if all recipients were sent or not and each recipient icon changes from a 'Card' to a 'paper plane' icon once delivered.

An entry with an 'paper plane' icon will always be discarded preventing MaxBulk Mailer to send your message several times.

• You run MaxBulk Mailer on Microsoft Windows with an anti-virus software. Most anti-virus software will cause problems if they are configured to check outgoing messages for viruses. In fact, MaxBulk Mailer delivery rate is far too high for an anti-virus to follow so after a few deliveries the connection will be dropped. We have seen that effect with Symantec Norton Anti-virus. Hopefully most anti-virus let you deactivate checking on outgoing messages. Refer to your anti-virus user guide for further information.

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