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eMail Bounce Handler | Bounce filtering and handling tool

eMail Bounce Handler

Bounce filtering and handling tool

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS

This is undoubtedly the best eMail Bounce Handler release ever. We have added a lot of new features and made as many enhancements in order to be up to date with the latest email standards and to respond to the numerous user requests. As a result, the interface is now even more straightforward than before, the result quality has improved significantly and the possibilities for bounce extraction has increased giving more choices to the user. Now eMail Bounce Handler is able to extract up to 99,9% bounces successfully, giving detail-fully information and from a wide range of sources. The full list a new features is available below, enjoy!

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New features

 Support for processing bounces from local data
eMail Bounce Handler v3 goes a step further and now allows you to extract email addresses from local bounce messages. In fact, previous versions were able to extract from remote mailboxes only. Now you can also process bounces from text drops and text file drops. To do that you just need to drag and drop clipped text or text files to the application bounce list. In addition you can also process the data contained in the clipboard. Just copy your text from any application, switch to eMail Bounce Handler and select the 'Edit | Paste' menu.

 Support for processing bounces from local mailboxes
In the case of Mac OS X, eMail Bounce Handler also supports bounce processing from email applications like Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage and PowerMail. You just need to press the import button, select the email application and type the mailbox or folder name. eMail Bounce Handler will then process all the messages it finds there. Unfortunately we do not support any Windows applications right now because of the difficulties to connect to this type of applications mainly per security reasons.

 Support for Delivery Status Notifications
A Delivery Status Notification, also known as DSN, is a standard bounce format intended to provide detailed information about a delivery error. This format is widely used because it contains valuable information like for example the reason why a message could not be delivered successfully. That includes a standard error code, a description and the addresses that cause the error. The Delivery Status Notification specification is explained in RFC-3464. eMail Bounce Handler includes an advanced parser that is able to extract all the valuable information from the notification and convert the error code into something human readable following error definitions contained in RFC-3463. Note that 10 out of 9 bounces currently use that format. As a result, eMail Bounce Handler can generate better bounce lists than before.

 Support for Enhanced Mail System Status Codes
For the bounce messages that are not formatted following the DSN standard we now lookup the Enhanced Mail System Status Code when available. This code allows eMail Bounce Handler to find out if the bounce is a hard or a soft bounce (Fatal Error or Warning) and to get an explanation of the error that caused it. The list of error codes is available in RFC-3463.

 Detection of the error by server response
In case the bounce is not a DSN and doesn't even contain an error code eMail Bounce Handler will then extract the server response and will lookup that response using a set of 60 error tracking and regex based rules. This set was created after processing dozens of thousands bounces in the last years. As a result eMail Bounce Handler is now able to catch up to 99,9% bounces successfully.

 Crash Recovery system
eMail Bounce Handler v3 now includes a simple yet efficient recovery system in case of a crash during bounce processing. The bounce list is always saved to your '~/Documents/Maxprog/eMail Bounce Handler/Bounce Lists' folder. In case of a crash just launch eMail Bounce Handler again and drag and drop the last file in that folder to eMail Bounce Handle bounce list. You will recover your original list exactly as it was right before the crash.


 60 new error tracking and regex rules to track more bounce types.
 New Export selector in order to create customized output files.

 Date column keeping track of last e-mail address bounce date or time offset.
 Bounce type column sorting Hard and soft bounces.
 New menu for checking whether a new version of the software is available.
 Possibility to sort e-mail addresses by domain (ALT or Cmd + click on header)
 Possibility to sort e-mail addresses by status - checked/unchecked (ALT + click on header)
 Print support for bounce list.
 Search support for bounce list.

 New preference to remove bounces from list once exported.

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