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Custom attachments support. The attachment panel has been fully redesigned and simplified. The preview panel now displays the attachment list. It is now possible to drag-reorder recipient in the list and save the new order. Sorting by column now enables the save button so user can save the list once sorted. The preference custom header panel has been redesigned and now allows the activation/deactivation of headers with a single click. New 'Web Address' and 'Email Address' column data types affecting the processing of data formatting and list sorting. The application no longer displays Update Plan expiration alerts when the option for checking for new versions has been deactivated. Maxprog server will no longer send Update Plan expiration notifications when the option for checking for new versions has been deactivated. Security token added to all MLM subscribe forms to avoid cross-sites request forgeries. Security code added to all MLM subscribe forms to avoid cross-sites scripting. The MLM installer window has been slightly enhanced. URLs and Email addresses in the opt fields are no longer automatically formatted. Data type has to be set to either 'Web Address' or 'Email Address'. Fix: The import from AddressBook on macOS works again when list are stored in iCloud. Fix: DKIM header problem when using the Text/HTML format. Fix: The Preview panel is now updated after altering the custom header list in the preferences. Fix: Recipient sorting issue in several list boxes and pull-down menus. Fix: Several MLM fixes related to last PHP function deprecations. Fix: The MLM installer window log was not displaying line breaks properly. Fix: MLM installer FTP socket security issue on given occasions.


Note that we prefer not to talk about products that don't officially exist or features that have not been implemented yet except to our Alpha and Beta testers. A product or feature officially exists once it has been advertised on this site. That includes new products, products ported to new platforms, new relevant features and upcoming updates. A new product or feature is somewhat secret until release because we do not want you to feel cheated or disappointed. Indeed we may fail or fall behind schedule due to unforeseen difficulties.

We always listen to our customers thru the comments added to this page, the public forums and the support help desk, we take note of absolutely all feature requests and bug reports. We may give an opinion but that's all, we very rarely engage ourselves to develop stuff on demand or deliver regular updates.

We also maintain a Log Book with public information about ongoing projects and feature developments waiting for your comments.

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