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Stan's Blog

Tips and tricks on how to use Maxprog products

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Remember, Maxprog will be closed from June 6 to July 10


I already posted about this topic a month ago, this is just a reminder with some updated info.

As you very likely know, every year the Maxprog company closes its doors for a month or so. It is the time for enjoying life a bit, far from the internet and all the technologies alike. Last year we were closed almost during all March. This year it will be from June 6 to July 10 both inclusive, please take note! During that time I will do support as usual BUT I will connect to the internet from time to time, maybe twice a week. You can't really enjoy holidays if you are working as the rest of the year. The ideal would be not connecting at all.

Each time I go for holidays I have to prepare everything months in advance, usually optimizing things, publishing tutorials and releasing very stable versions of all the software. The idea is to reduce support as much as possible because it may take some time for the customers to get a response. This year is not an exception, Maxprog has released 64-bit Hi-Dpi/Retina versions of all the products and updated all App Store versions. In addition I have been working on a Knowledge Base, a compendium of the support tickets handled by the Maxprog Helpdesk.

When travelling I have to carry a laptop with me and connect as many time as I can looking for a compromise between my holiday time and the company's customers needs. But it may be even more complicated than that depending on where you decide to go. Indeed there are places where very easy things can be much more complex to accomplish, specially connecting to the internet. So I have decided to create a list of the top questions and answers per product:

MaxBulk Mailer

- What mail server can I or should I use with MaxBulk Mailer?
- Sending a message through a server with a daily or an hourly delivery limit
- MaxBulk Mailer settings for Gmail
- My message never arrives despite MaxBulk Mailer says it was delivered
- How can I transfer my lists and accounts between two computers?
- How to install MLM on your server

eMail Verifier

- eMail Verifier port 25 requirement
- How to find out whether port 25 is blocked by your ISP?
- Why eMail Verifier loves port 25 so much
- Importing e-mail addresses from an Excel or a Word file
- Bad e-mail addresses are sometimes marked as valid
- What speed should I expect when verifying a list of e-mail addresses?

eMail Bounce Handler

- Using eMail Bounce Handler efficiently

eMail Extractor

- No e-mail addresses are extracted from files containing lots of them


- How iCash applies currencies and rates?
- How to input loan transactions
- Overview panel and reports are displaying wrong results
- My Files have disapeared from the iCash File Manager, where is my data?

Web Dumper

- Web Dumper doesn't download anything
- Where is 'index.html' entry point?

Right now I am bit worried about messages with serial not reaching their destination, especially for Paddle purchases, even with all our message having a DKIM signature, our server a SPF and DMARC records :-/ New customers may not know they can get their serial here.

I am trying to eliminate the need to contact me as posible but if you do during those dates just remember, I am not in my office. You will have to wait, as I do. Remember, from June 6 to July 10. This is the second and last remainder.

Have a great week.

Stan Busk - Software Engineer
at www.maxprog.com

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