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Xojo NthField() and CountFields() functions in PHP

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Xojo NthField() and CountFields() functions in PHP


In Xojo there is a handy function I use quite a lot for getting substrings between given delimiters from a piece of text, it is:

NthField(text, delimiter, fieldnumber)

Imagine you have the following text "1/2/3/4", NthField( "1/2/3/4", "/", 3 ) will return 3, that is the third substring between the "/" delimiters. It is that simple! This function works great in Xojo as long as the text is not too big. A few years ago I was porting a Xojo function to PHP that used NthField() so I decided to port the whole function. This is the PHP equivalent:

function nthfield($text, $delimiter, $fieldnumber) {
  $data = explode($delimiter, $text . $delimiter );
  return $data[$fieldnumber-1];

It is that simple, now you have the exact same NthField() in PHP. That function is fully accurate, I have been using it everywhere in my site for years.

Next I needed the related function to count the number of fields for a given delimiter:

CountFields(text, delimiter)

For the sample text we used above, "1/2/3/4", CountFields( "1/2/3/4", "/" ) would return 4, that is, the number of fields enclosed by the "/" delimiter. This is the PHP equivalent:

function countfields($text, $delimiter) {
  return count(explode($delimiter, $text));

As you can see the both functions use simple PHP array functions and since NthField() is slow in Xojo when the text is big, it would be simple to rewrite it :-)

Stan Busk - Software Engineer

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