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Avoiding having your legitimate e-mails being flagged as SPAM

If your messages look like regular private e-mails and you use tags to make them different and customized with recipient data, you will get much better results. You can also use 'Bonded Sender' https://www.bondedsender.com or 'Habeas' http://www.habeas.com so your messages will be recognized as legitimate.

Furthermore you can run your email through some of the spam filters available online, or install some end-user antispam applications on your own computer, and send an email to yourself before attempting to email end users.

There are some services you can use to test the spam quotient of your e-zines and e-mail offers before sending them out.

- SiteSell SpamCheck Report tests your message at no charge using SpamAssassin and sends you a report. Send your test e-mails to mailto:sales-spamcheck@sitesell.net Be careful, however, that you put the word TEST as the first word in the subject -- and make sure it is capitalized. Otherwise, the system will delete the mail, thinking it's spam. Following the word TEST, add the subject line that would appear in the email normally.

- Assurance Systems offers three functions as part of a paid service. (1) Message Checker rates your e-mail message for spam. (2) Mailbox Monitor checks test addresses for each of the major ISPs to make sure your e-mail is being delivered. (3) Blacklist Alert lets you know what blacklists you are appearing on so you can work to get your domain or IP number off the list. http://www.assurancesys.com

In addition current MaxBulk Mailer includes several documents about this issue well worth a read and v4 a built-in Spam checker.
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