Workaround for creating mileage as an expense account?

Fran Sciacca

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I'm wondering if anyone has been interested/successful in creating a workaround for entering mileage as an expense item? E.g. the mileage comp rate in the U.S. currently for business is $0.62/mile. I'm looking for a way to enter "Mileage" as an expense Account under the Category "Auto." I want to track auto expenses monthly for reimbursement purposes, and would ideally like to be able to enter the number of miles driven and have it calculate the reimbursement amount using the $0.62/mile as the multiplier.


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This is an exciting feature indeed. Not sure how it could be implemented. It is like when purchasing a given amount of shares.

Where should be entered (idealy) the number of miles driven? and that $0.62/mile multiplier?

Fran Sciacca

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The $0.62/mile is the amount the IRS allows employees to claim as "mileage expense" for reimbursement purposes in the U.S. It's less for medical mileage (e.g. to and from doctors, hospitals, etc.). I'm thinking it could be a "Liability" category, which would enter each entry as a debit, and then when the person is reimbursed for the mileage, that could be entered as a credit, which would bring the balance to zero. I've not played around with the feature in the Transaction window that allows you to add detail (see screenshot), but wondered if the "Quantity" there might be tweaked to enter the number of miles?


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