Thunderbird Drag n Drop????


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Thunderbird folders ?

When I drag and drop a Thunderbird folder into Notepad, I only see the text that identifies the folder, not the contents.

I am interested in purchasing eMail Extractor only if it will work with Thunderbird folders. Is there a trick? another step?

Will it work with the entire T-bird "Profile" folder?



Well after messing around a bit found this works.. for me anyway.

TB version (20090605)
Max Pro 6.6

Exported the folder out of TB into .txt files. Valid, Bad, etc
Made TB smaller screen
Opened Extractor
Dragged Valid txt file into Extractor screen area- Named file so I knew what it was.


Opened Max Bulk
Created a NEW mailing
Opened XP Explorer
Dragged newly created Valid file by Extractor into thg new MAX
After duplicate taken out had a new Max with all addresses and usernames.
Saved it.

Opened Max and my main mailing database file.
Selected all in the new MAX Vaild file
Copied all I selected
Pasted this into my Main database.
After duplicates it showed in black type as opposed to the blue type of my previously succesful sending of the main Database.
Removed Duplicate again
Checked Previuew and settings then Delivey

Now I was up to date with all my emails that had come into TB.

Hope it works for you.