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Subscription confirmation


How and where do I alter the subscription confirmation e-mail I get as people join my lists?

I would like to show more than just the e-mail address of the subscriber.


Hi Stan,

No, I'm talking about the email I get when someone subscribes or unsubscribes to a list, not the ones the subscribers get.


At what line is the code?

All I want to add is the Firstname and Surname so that shows in the email I get too.


Staff member
Look for 'function SendSubscriptionMessage() {'
In this function the code the sends the message to you is:
	if ( $admin_notifications == 1 ) {
		$subject = @html_entity_decode( str_replace( "[EMAIL]", $email, str_replace( "[LISTS]", $listfordisplay, $kTxt_emailsubject_esl[$lang] ) ), $dec_quotes, $dec_charset );
		$message = $subject . ".";
		$headers = "From: \"$admin_name_full\" <$admin_address>";	
		SendMessage( $admin_address, $subject, $message, $headers, $emailencoding );