slow in Win10/Server16


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I'm experiencing a MUCH slower send process when installed on Windows 10 compared to Windows 7. I've tried it also on Windows Server 2016 vs 2008R2 with the same results. the newer OS slows down the send to a crawl.

With windows 2008R2, i sent to a group of 47,411 and it took 5hrs, 2 mins for an average of 2.61 recipients/second

with windows 10, i sent to a group of 31,037 and it took 40 hours, 11 minutes for an average of .21 recipients/second.

I'm currently trying to send to a group of 34,000 on a server 2016 box and it's gotten through 15,000 in the last 24 hours.

It starts fast, but then slows down after a few thousand. i had a small list of 464 that I sent from the same server16 box at 2.82 recipients/second.

What gives?


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do you have the ability to replicate a win10 or server2016 environment? i guess that part is the easy part. the hard part would be sending to 40k names. is there anything I can do to help you troubleshoot?


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MaxBulk Mailer spends 99% of its time waiting for the server response, indeed, the software is thousands of times faster than the internet connection. You can see that in the 'Delivery' panel. The first part of each line is the date and time. Do you see server lags?

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we sent a large campaign yesterday and it took all day.

one Delivery log shows a picture of 11,137 addresses sent to, broken down into 770 "batches" of 15 connections each. using this one delivery log, i located all the RCPT TO:<email address>[x/770] rows and measured the distance between each 100 batches.

001 began 10:19:09
101 began 10:36:10 - 17mins for first 100 batches
201 began 11:16:25 - 40mins for second 100 batches and so on
301 began 12:20:52 - 64mins
401 began 13:49:08 - 89mins
501 began 15:40:03 - 111mins
601 began 17:51:20 - 131mins
701 began 20:21:22 - 150mins

this was the client running on Server 2016 x64

what data can I provide you to help troubleshoot this further?


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no antivirus. Defender is disabled. installed software is attached. Next time we send one like this, i'll keep an eye on the resource manager and see if i can spot an issue.