Red stop sign in business card icon


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Thankyou Stanbusk, problem all solved now.

Hi, I don't know if anyone can help me please.
In order to do a mailout to our magazine subscribers, I imported the test list to do a test, but immediately I could see something was wrong.
On the left side of the list is a line of box icons going down the page, you can tick and un-tick these.
The next row of icons going down the page is what looks like a list of small business card, which normally have a green tick in the right hand corner, but some have a different icon that I haven't see before, its a round red circle with a white line going through the middle, these I have been unable to send to.

When I imported the actual subscribers list to check this, all the business card icons have a red circle with a white line through, in the top right hand corner.

I added a new address to the list to see what would happen, and re-imported, and this address appeared with the regular green tick in the place where the red circle with white line is for all the others.

Can anyone suggest anything please ?



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This is because those addresses were added to the global blacklist. The Global Blacklist prevents you from sending messages to given addresses whichever the list you have selected. It is accessible from the List manager pull-down menu like a regular list. Indeed blacklisted addresses appear in red with a different icon so you can easily tell them apart. To remove an address from the Blacklist you just have to go to the Blacklist, select the address(es), click on the delete button '-' and then on the 'Save' button. You will find more information on this here Using MaxBulk Mailer Global Blacklist.


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Hello Guys,
This is on the grounds that those addresses were added to the worldwide boycott. The Global Blacklist keeps you from sending messages to given tends to whichever the rundown you have chosen. It is available from the List director pull-down menu as a standard rundown. For sure boycotted locations show up in red with an alternate symbol so you can undoubtedly disclose to them separated.

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