Problems accessing stats on new computer


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Hi, I had to buy a new computer, because the old one stopped working. I installed Maxbulk, added the stats info… but I cannot see the stats that I had stored on my database. When I click on the Stats button on Maxbulk, the information is empty.

If I go to the ML link, I can enter and see all my stats there, so it's not a problem of the url or the user/admin.

Shouldn't I be able to see as I saw on my older computer all my stats? I'm a little concerned of sending a new newsletter thus erasing all my history.




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That's a cool option I'll have in mind… but the switch of computers is because one broke up, so I can't access to the other one anymore :)

The thing is… that "History" you can export… it refers to the stats history? If that's so, but I can keep consulting it online (as I can do now) it wouldn't be a great problem.

But I assumed that being an online information (the stats) it would show completely wherever I put the info.



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The History is a local file, like a preference file. It contains much more data that the one that is available online. Don't you have a backup copy of your previous system? It would be great to recover that file.


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I'm working on that (I have the disks, Im waiting for the box so I can read them). But I see it works fine with the new ones, so that's ok :)