problem between maxbulk mailer and free

marc ony

New Member
when I send an email to a gmail address and a free address from the website of my access provider (, formerly, all the mails arrive at their destination.
On the other hand, when I do the same thing from maxbulk mailer, the mail arrives at the gmail recipient, but not at the free recipient: the error message states that the message sent to free is marked as spam.
Why ?
Please note that I use the port (465), TLS and SSL recommended by

marc ony

New Member
I sent the same email with different software and I already tested this email with mail tester. it is considered spam only when I send it with maxbulk mailer to a free recipient. how to correct this?


Staff member
Ok, and if you look at the report, where do you get points? The report should explain the reason. MaxBulk Mailer is just a mailer that uses the same protocol as all mailers. There should be something else.

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