MLM modifies redirects to write emails.


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Hi everyone, I don't know if it's the right thread, but I ask you for support for my problem:

In the email campaigns that I organize, I always put a link "unsubscribe here", which does nothing but open a new email in the mail client with recipient and subject to request removal from the mailing list. But unfortunately if from any email client I click, it redirects me to a web page (it seems that the url is made up of the url that I use for tracking statistics).

I am sure that the url works because if I open the preview of the campaign from a browser and click as mentioned above, a new email will open, already filled in in my mail client.

I think MLM is going to modify the url in some way.

I look forward to your suggestion for solving the problem.
Thanks for the support!


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anyone who receives my campaign email has the option to unsubscribe from the receiving list. This link works if the campaign preview is open from a browser. Instead from mail client, the connection does not work.

The link that allows you to unsubscribe, opens a "new email" in the mail client with the subject and recipients already set.

As a browser it works, as a mail client it does not work