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MLM installed and showing online okay but clicks don't show



Have just reinstalled MLM and the webpage login shows and so do the lists I uploaded but in Stats they all show as 0

The Stats in the MB program however do show the clicks .

What could I be doing/not doing right.

Thanks Stan



It is installed on correct server.

Everything works fine, all lists are uploaded showing all details however the only thing not working is the Stats all show as "0" on the web stats , but all clicks etc fine in the program stats.

Diags show all folders correct and perms right

This is the db part of the settings file.

// -- mySQL List/Stats Handling Settings ---------------------------------------
// Set the following parameters if you have selected to use mySQL above

$dbhost = 'localhost'; // mySQL Host Name
$dbusername = 'starreco'; // mySQL User Name (For Full access!!)
$dbuserpass = ''; // mySQL User Password (For Full access!!)
$dbname = ''; // mySQL Database Name

What else could it be?




Yes I have done that a few times and all permissions and links seems all okay. I'm not on the PC at the moment so can't copy paste it.


MLM 3.1.7 diagnose ran on 2019-09-18 at 01:14:52

request_uri = https://starliterecords.com.au/lm/lm.php?cmd=diagnose&pwd=fF39bv7Z
path_to_script = https://starliterecords.com.au/lm/lm.php
working_directory = /home/starreco/public_html/lm

mailqueue permissions = 0755
sqlqueue permissions = 0755
uploads permissions = 0777
imports permissions = 0755
templates permissions = 0755

requests permissions = 0755
lists permissions = 0755
localreq permissions = 0755
traffic permissions = 0755
by_delivery permissions = 0755
by_recipient permissions = 0755
3 list(s), 68 recipient(s), 8 deliveries


What is the best way for me to go now to do this please?
Shall I just delete the lm directory and everything in it and start again or is there a better way?


Checked to see if I had a db for lm from years ago on the server and yes I do.

It does have data in the 4 four fields from 2012 which I could still use so so how do I get to keep this? Maybe export it?

Those fields are...

Now that I have this, what is the best way for me to proceed please so that o have an operating db?