migrating MLM from Plain Text to mySQL


Previously we had MLM installed using the Plain Text method. Now we have successfully upgraded to the mySQL method.

Is there a way to migrate all the data we accumulated in Plain Text method (over the past years) to the new mySQL method?

During the install I pointed the files to write to a unique folder on the server so that the previous files were not over written. Can I accomplish this task by copying the old files into the new folder, thereby writing over the new files? Please advise. Thank you.


Staff member
First set MLM to use plain text as before, by modifying the lm_settings.php file. Then open each list and save them locally, you select your list by choosing 'Remote Lists' from the list pull-down menu then select all the recipients and the 'Recipients > New List From selection' menu. Repeat those steps for each list. Eventually you will have a copy of each remote list locally. Now, set MLM back to mySQL and use the 'Recipients > Upload to MLM' menu for each list.