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Why is it that when I put this html code into the email message, I get nothing in the preview window?

<TITLE>UDSL_Chat Email_Jan06</TITLE>
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<!-- ImageReady Slices (UDSL_Chat -->
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=725 BORDER=0 ALT="" USEMAP="#UDSL_Chat_Email_Jan06_Map">
<MAP NAME="UDSL_Chat_Email_Jan06_Map">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="12,332,170,359" HREF="">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="9,66,343,264" HREF="">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="0,0,350,58" HREF="">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="0,676,350,725" HREF="">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="0,477,338,497" HREF="">
<!-- End ImageReady Slices -->

I have noticed that in maxbulk mailer makes a change to this seciton of text:

what happens is "email/images" becomes "emailimages" but the lowercase l and slash combine to be this funky little character.

Any ideas?
I like this program and would like to buy it, but I can't until I figure this out.[/list]


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About first question, Preview is text only right now. Only next version will have built-in HTML preview. In the meantime you have to use the 'eye' icon just above the preview field, it will let you select a browser for the preview.

About second question, I have sent a message to myself using your code, it works just fine. Are you using last v4.3.2 ?