How to extract email from facebook?


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Today i will share a simple but effective tips that can be increase your business.So i found an idea about facebook and email marketing.

You can get your targeted traffic from facebook. Facebook can be an awesome way to share content, engage with your followers, and build your brand. They’re also powerful tools for growing your email list. When running a group is part of your marketing strategy, getting email leads from your group is important for several reasons, the most critical being that you don’t own your Facebook group. Facebook does.

What I played around with:

*Extract users and find their email from a fb group

*Extract users who liked a post/video of your competitors fb page

*Extract users, job and role from linkedin groups

Relying solely on a Facebook group for interacting with members is risky because Facebook can ban your account or shut down your group anytime. Although Facebook doesn’t ban groups or accounts often, a more likely risk is that Facebook could throttle your group’s organic reach. Many group owners (myself included) have noticed Facebook favoring paid traffic over groups’ organic reach.

With these risks in mind, I suggest you plan your audience growth around the worst-case scenario and focus on growing something you own. When you collect email addresses to build your list, you own that list.

Also, when you have someone’s email address in addition to their group membership, you increase the chances they will see your content and promotions. Although many group members don’t participate in the groups they join, these people might still be interested in you, and your content and products.

Tip: To gather email leads from Facebook , you only need a few tools that most marketers already have: email marketing software and a landing page to deliver a lead magnet to your followers. For email software, I use Mailbiz, but dozens of other good options are available.

When you develop your lead magnets, remember that they’re not just about getting emails. They’re a chance to build a relationship with your group members and give them some real value right out of the gate, increasing the likelihood they’ll become lifelong fans and possible future customers.

1: Extract Email From Your Targeted Group or page By Mailbiz

MAILBIZ is a Must Have tool For Any Professional Marketer to Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook and Any Website ! Fast and Accurate.Amazing tool for growing your email list by collection very effective and potential emails by doing this simple trick.

*From FACEBOOK, It retrives all valid email addresses by Subjects, Keywords, Interests.

*From FACEBOOK GROUPS, It extracts all valid email addresses in all groups you join in or Any Public Groups.

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You Can Extract Email From Facebook with Mailbiz in 3 Simple Step

First Sign Up Mailbiz All in all Facebook Marketing Tools.

Step 1- Select Facebook Group Email Extractor

Step 2- Put your Targeted (group,page, or profile) id and press Extract

Step 3- Finally Download the file as .csv or whatever you want.

This is the First and Best Way to extract email,address and phone from number facebook.

2: Post Links to a Lead Generation Page

The 2nd one known as the straightforward tactic, you post something to your group that very clearly requires members to share an email address to opt in. For instance, people who are familiar with online offers for freebies, like this vector designs offer, will expect to enter their email address to receive the image files:

Although this method works well, group members are often hesitant to click overly salesy posts. To avoid this issue, try a slightly less direct approach: share a blog post, video, or other content that leads to an email opt-in. With this indirect approach, conversion rates are often much higher than a direct link in a group. Plus, members can share your content, which increases engagement.

Share a blog post, video, or other content that leads to an email opt-in.

To build your email list, you need to regularly post things that turn your group members into email subscribers or help you better segment existing subscribers. Each month, post a mix of lead magnets, quizzes, surveys, webinars, blog posts, contests, videos, and so on. The more types of lead generators you use, the more members you’ll convert.

To help you post more consistently, Facebook allows admins to schedule group posts, so you can plan these promotions in advance. Alternatively, you can choose from many third-party tools like IFTTT, Buffer, CoSchedule, and Hootsuite that allow you to schedule posts far in advance.

With all of these posts, you need a reliable tracking system in place so you know what posts work best for your audience. A link shortener such as Bitly, Sniply, or Clkim is an easy way to make your links easier to track because most of these tools provide some sort of trackability. Although these tools are called “link shorteners,” the shorter links are almost secondary to the tracking capability.

If your group is very active, your posts can quickly become buried amid all the other activity. In addition to posting frequently, you can also pin your post with the lead-generating link to make sure group members see the post. Also, try marking it as an announcement. To do that, click the three dots in the upper right of the post and choose Mark As Announcement from the menu that appears.

Last but not least, with the Facebook pixel installed, you can make sure group members see your lead-generating posts by retargeting group members with ads that highlight the post. The ability to use the Facebook pixel with groups is a new feature in 2018, and it’s easy to use. With your ads, you can encourage people to sign up for your freebie.

3: Add a Call to Action in the Facebook Group Description

The group description is another piece of group real estate that you can use to collect email addresses from people interested in your group. Although this description isn’t as visible as the cover image, there’s no harm in adding a lead-generating link to it.

The cool thing about this tactic is that even people who aren’t in your group will see the link to the lead magnet because the link appears publicly. In other words, you create the opportunity to gather leads from people even if they don’t join the group.

The group description is another piece of group real estate that you can use to collect email addresses from people interested in your Facebook group.

After your efforts start to build your email list, make sure you email your new subscribers right away while you’re still top of mind. If you wait too long, they might not recognize you or may report your email as spam (which hurts future deliverability rates).

A welcome message also helps long-term engagement: subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more long-term brand engagement than those who don’t.

With a little up-front work, you can create an email sequence that not only sends new Facebook group members the freebies you promised them, but also automates follow-up emails that convert exceptionally well.

What do you think? Have you tried building your email list via your Facebook group? What tactics have worked well for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.