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Having problem extracting from Apple mail.


New Member
I'm using extractor 3.7.6 on a late 2013 iMac. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.5. I was able to find the mails I want extracted in my system library and they are in a .emlx format. I dragged a whole bunch onto the download arrow and I see them listed and II see the little message at the bottom that says "processing" but I don't see any movement and after several hours there is no report or anything. I"m not sure but there may be something like 6,000 of these emails. Is there a limit to how many can be processed? Am I doing it wrong? I did a screen capture and here is the link.

I'm a long time customer but have not used this tool in some years. Please help. My research project is stuck in the mud until I get this resolved.